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Aerial photography and video in Cyprus





Welcome! You have found what is probably the most comprehensive site for high quality aerial video and photography production in the North East Mediterranean region. Whether it is cinematic filming the RED way or 1080P HD production we have the expertise to achieve perfect footage every single time.  We started in this business in the late seventies and have operated many different aircraft types providing solutions for the TV industry in sport, documentary and ENG. Along the way we published and contributed to a great many aerial books from around the World.  As a true pioneer in the industry our success comes from  many years of experience and in-depth knowledge regarding our unique style of aerial camera motions.


When it is time to deliver we provide the right quality, not excuses. In simplified terms we make it sound and look right, on time, every time.

Our pioneering work in the sUAV field has led to a new way of doing things. We are committed to the use of this technology in a purely non invasive scenario to the good of mankind in a helpful way.  We have the state of the art vehicles that can safely navigate though any of the toughest aerial assignments with ease and importantly, total safety.


Revolutionising the Surveying and Mapping industry - the gap between traditional terrestrial surveying and conventional photogrammetry has now been filled. Today we help surveyors remoteley and safely measure large, difficult or dangerous to reach areas. For photogrammetrists, smaller projects now become cost effective. See 4D Remote Sensing.


Typical assignments

The advertising world has had to adapt to new Web technologies and we see far greater use of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to promote in a more complete way everything from basic holiday travel to golf or other dedicated packages, where the still image and words do not show what people have come to expect.  It can be an individual genre or a complex vision into a country's entire tourism profile.


The Food, Drink and Music industry has also found a new way to take a keen audience on an attention grabbing magic carpet ride in the sky.


CGI is the way that future construction developments gain funding and approvals. The highly accurate GPS positioned flight paths shot in distortion-free HD video is where that all starts and where it finally finishes as a fully rendered proposal.  We then move into Survey Grade geospatial data sets to start the project.


Environmental studies of wildlife in difficult conditions is one area where we developed special purpose vehicles.


Inspections and thermal imaging provide the heads up on what may be about to fail. Whatever your requirements we can help.


The aerial production scenario is where we excel with our expertise to deliver rich content that gets to the point right away.



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